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In compassion to people and environment we’ve equipped our agricultural organic farm.

“Organic” means: as minimal interference in the natural process of growing crops or livestock farming. In organic products there is no use of pesticides, fertilizers or any other chemical products. Animals live in an as naturally environment as possible and they’re fed with organic feed. In addition to that there are no genetically modified organisms applied. The goal of organic farming is to maintain the natural balance between people, planet and it’s nature. At Boerderij ‘t Paradijs it’s not only about this balance, but also it’s environment.

EKO quality mark and SKAL

all products from our farm carry the EKO quality mark. This mark is branded on all products from organic agriculture. With the EKO mark on the package it is indicated that the product is ecological and organic and that is suffices to the European legislation for organic production and organic production methods. The farm is also certified by “SKAL”. SKAL is a dutch organisation that critisize and supervises the whole organic industries in it’s production processes. SKAL is appointed by the dutch ministery of agriculture, envorinmont and food quality.


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