Organic farming

Fair and Pure

Organic Farming

Fair and  Pure

‘Organic’ means: growing as natural as possible, with the least artificial interventions. In organic farming we don’t use fertilizer, but we use the manure from our own cattle on our land. We also don’t use any pesticides.

We keep the animals in as natural habitats as possible with natural organic feed. Also with the animals we don’t use any genetically modified organisms. The goal of organic farming is to keep the balance between humanbeing, nature and animals. At ‘t Paradijs it’s  not only about our agriculture, it’s about our environment we live in. .

Oganic certification

All products of ‘t Paradijs have EKO-certification. With this mark on a product it tells you that a product is certified ecological and organic and it fits the European statutory standards for organic products and productionmethods. This farm has also the Dutch certification ‘SKAL’. This goverment company checks the organic production in the Netherlands.